Pros and Cons of pets sleeping in the bed with there pet parents

Let’s face it, about half of all pet owners share their bed with their pets! There are positives and negatives to every situation in life. We’ll look at these pros and cons so you can determine what is best for you and your pet(s). PROS: Sleeping with our pets [...]

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Chocolate & Dogs

Chocolate & Dogs Are Not A Good Mix During the holidays, especially during Halloween, there are a lot of treats coming in and out of the house. Sweet tarts, suckers, gummy things start to arrive with each goblin and witch that trick or treats. Your dog will be looking at you with those sad, [...]

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Pawdicures – Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO TRIM YOUR PET’S NAILS? When your pet draws blood as they paw your leg, you know they’re way over due for a pawdicure! Their nails and paws are extremely sensitive. Long nails are quite uncomfortable at the very least. As with our nails, long nails can break, but [...]

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Do You Cook For Your Pet?

DO YOU COOK FOR YOUR PET? Have you noticed the trend of dog food manufacturer’s labeling ingredients as fresh and natural? Even though the first commercial dog biscuits were produced in the 1860’s, it was not until the 1960’s that The Pet Institute, lobbyists for the huge dog food conglomerates, began an ad campaign for [...]

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Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

  HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS FOR YOUR PET In making preparations for your family during a hurricane evacuation, it's a good idea to bring your pet’s records along. Should your pet have an emergency while traveling, you need to board your pet, or send it to daycare, your records, especially your pet’s vaccinations history, will be required. [...]

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