Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

//Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

Hurricane Prep For Your Pet



  1. In making preparations for your family during a hurricane evacuation, it’s a good idea to bring your pet’s records along. Should your pet have an emergency while traveling, you need to board your pet, or send it to daycare, your records, especially your pet’s vaccinations history, will be required. You should also have a list of your pet’s medications, a list of any medical conditions they may have, and surgeries they may have had in the past. It is good to ask your veterinarian for emergency supplies of your pet’s medications in case of evacuation.
  2. Locate hotels/motels that allow pets. Generally, hotels that allow pets have a limitation of 25 pounds and require a non-refundable pet deposit. During emergency situations, however, some hotels that do not normally allow pets will make an exception to this rule. It is your responsibility to inquire about pet policies prior to making arrangements. For a list of pet friendly hotels, you can go to
  3. Identification Tags should be worn at all times and you should carry a recent photo of your pet with you in the event your pet should become lost. It is highly recommended to have your pet microchipped and enrolled in a national database to improve the odds of your pet being recovered.
  4. Since it is uncertain how long the evacuation will last, it is wise to bring your pet’s monthly flea and heartworm preventatives with you as well.
  5. Be sure to have carriers, leashes, and collars/harnesses for each pet evacuating with you. Bring a good supply of your pet’s food, especially if your pet has special dietary needs, as well as travel food and water bowls. It is also necessary to bring litter and a litter box when traveling with cats. It’s good to bring along personal items, for example, bedding, treats and toys.
  6. If you have not traveled frequently with your pets, and are unaware of how they will handle the stress of travel, it is wise to have a mild sedative with you in case your pet becomes overly excited or stressed.

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