New Orleans Pet Time Fun

//New Orleans Pet Time Fun

New Orleans Pet Time Fun


New Orleans Pet Time FunIn New Orleans, our pets are as important to us as our “Mama ‘n em” and we lavish them with love. There are so many places to take your pets throughout the metro area. The most obvious places is one of the numerous parks around town, including the two largest parks, Audubon and City Parks. There is a dog park within City Park, which requires membership to support the maintenance of the facility. At the City Bark, your four-legged sidekicks can socialize with other pooches and play to their hearts content.

One consideration to be made is where to dine when you’re out on the town with your pet. As we’re consuming one meal, most New Orleanians are discussing what they are going to have for their next one. Most establishments with an outdoor dining space will allow pets to dine with you. For example, Café Amelie in the French Quarter is pet friendly because of the courtyard dining area. Morning Call in City Park is also pet friendly because of they’re outdoor seating under the veranda. Unless you have a legally recognized service animal, your pet cannot dine with you indoors. There are so many outdoor dining options to consider in all neighborhoods around town.

Waterways surround us providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports with your pet. There are life jackets of all sizes to protect your four-legged friend. Many breeds love to swim so make a splash with your pooch when the temperature heats up.

When your pet has reached the Rainbow Bridge, Agee’s Pet Crematorium can assist you and your loved ones in honoring their memory. Call us at (504) 362-3311 or visit our website at to learn more.

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