Pawdicures – Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

//Pawdicures – Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Pawdicures – Trimming Your Pet’s Nails


Pawdicures When your pet draws blood as they paw your leg, you know they’re way over due for a pawdicure! Their nails and paws are extremely sensitive. Long nails are quite uncomfortable at the very least. As with our nails, long nails can break, but in our pets, broken nails can become infected. If neglected for too long, it can be harmful to your pet in so far as your fur baby’s nails can curl under over time, forcing their toes to twist towards the floor, causing tremendous pain with the possibility of resulting in permanent damage to the paws. Not to mention what it can do to your furniture and floors!

Different pets have different nail growth patterns. When you’re dealing with pooches that have dark nails, it is more difficult to trim their nails because it is difficult to judge the location of the quick. It is far easier to see the nail bed of white nails. Before you settle down for a bout of nail clipping, make certain you have the correct tools for the job. There are 2 types of clippers, the traditional ones and the “guillotine-style”. With the “guillotine-style” clippers, there is a groove where the nail sits and when the handles are squeezed, a blade comes down. This is not the most advantageous type of clipper for large breeds, and is better suited for small breeds. Also, you should have a styptic stick available in the event that a nail is accidentally cut too short and the quick begins to bleed. It can happen with the most well-trained groomers too!

Also, it is wise to begin this process after your pet has eaten and exercised. After they’re tuckered out, they will be more apt to cooperate by remaining still. If you purchase a paw balm to rub on their paw pads, which is optional, it will soothe and protect their sensitive paws from the elements. Have some of their favorite treats on hand to reward them for their good behavior. This too will be advantageous to ensure success with pawdicures in the future.

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