Pets & Fireworks

//Pets & Fireworks

Pets & Fireworks

We humans love New Year’s Eve from parties and food to bubbling champagne and of course fireworks. Our pets can probably agree with us on many of these, but not when it comes to the fireworks. The cracking and booming, pops and flashing lights of fireworks is a terrifying experience for most pets. Many pets try to escape the loud noises and lights and many shelters throughout Louisiana increase in lost pets during the New Year. Pets & Fireworks simply don’t mix well, but there are some important steps you can take to keep your pets safe during the New Year’s Human Celebrations.

  1. Keep Your pet Indoors away from the noise – If the fireworks’ sounds bother your human ears, just imagine how much they bother the sensitive ears of our pets. Prepare your pets, by keeping them indoors away from the noises, sounds and smells. Make sure that you let them out early to use the restroom and try to put on some television or radio to help muffle the fireworks.
  2. Spend Extra Time Exercising your pet – If you tire your pet out a little more during the day, s/he may be too tired to worry about the fireworks. This does not always work, but it can help.
  3. Bribes & Decoys – When the fireworks get started, be prepared with new toys and of course edible treats. I good treat bribe like a bone or a furry toy can occupy your pet throughout the fireworks.
  4. Keep You Pets Away from the Fireworks – If you have to let your pets out in the yard New Year’s Eve Night, make sure that they are not near the fireworks. Pets can think that the fireworks are toys and may try to eat them.
  5. Ask For A Vet’s Help – There are a variety of medications and calming techniques that might help your pet get through the New Year with less fear and anxiety. Give your veterinarian a call to help you with some suggestions.

Enjoy your New Year’s with your pets, but remember to prepare for the fireworks. There are lots of great tips from treats to exercise.


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