Pets & Flea Season

//Pets & Flea Season

Pets & Flea Season


Pets & FleasFleas are parasites that feed off of their hosts, and the host can become anemic if it is infested with fleas for any period of time. There are a number of diseases to avoid from flea bites. These diseases not only infect pets, but can be transmitted to humans as well. Murine Typhus is a rare bacterial infection affecting cats, and they then bite humans, can be treated with antibiotics if caught early enough. Mycoplasma Haemofelis is an infection in the red blood cells of cats that have been bitten by infected fleas. The white blood cells begin to obliterate the infected red blood cells causing anemia. In the most severe cases, a blood transfusion may be necessary. However, in the majority of cases, antibiotics are used to cure the infection, but steroids may be used to prevent further obliteration of red blood cells. Tapeworms can be acquired as a result of pets grooming themselves and ingesting infected fleas. These parasites take up residence in the intestines of the infected animal, and can be transmitted to humans. Cat Scratch Disease affects approximately 40% of felines during their lifetime. A human can contract this illness from a scratch, bite, or being licked by an infected cat. It can become quite serious in humans.


  1. Spray your lawn and garden with a broad spectrum bug spray that controls the insects in your yard. There are sprays that are designed to be administered quarterly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety.
  2. Flea and tick preventative medications are an effective means to help keep your pets healthy and safe. Some preventive medications also protect your fur baby from heart-worms and other parasites as well.
  3. Some flea collars use a technology that slowly releases controlled doses of the topical treatment over an extended time period.
  4. Maintain a clean flea-free home environment. By eliminating fleas at all stages of their life cycle, you will protect your whole family from flea bites and their consequences.

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