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Project Description

Bea (aka “Reko Quantaya’s”)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have Bea long enough but were blessed for the short time that we did. Bea’s original owner decided to drop her off at a kill shelter in AL after having her for ten years. Advising they no longer wanted her, to put her down, she then came into GPA LA/MS. Jason and I knew we probably wouldn’t have her long but didn’t care. We only wanted to give her the love and attention that she deserved.

Bea fit right in with the Ruffino crew. Tolerating Memphis (our special one) and allowing Jelly to cuddle with her from day one. Although a senior, she had her regular play time. Each day at the same time she wanted her toys to play. She also made it very clear when she wanted to eat, which was several times a day. She would stand in the doorway looking into the kitchen (even if nobody was in there) until someone fed her.

As always, our pets are unique in their ways; she brought us much joy and laughter. Bea was a special old lady that will be sorely missed by all. We are forever thankful for her.

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