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Mama Love 8-1-00 4-8-11

memchuckyallMy heart breaks as I struggle to write this memorial to you, the pain being second only to the pain of losing you. It has not eased, but has only worsened as the shock starts to lift. My sorrow is great. You were my dearest friend and constant companion, with me through so many changes and for so long, though not long enough. I think that is why, of all the many dogs I’ve loved, lost, missed and cried for through the years, losing you has hit me the hardest. You were my last dog and I still can’t believe that you’re gone. Your personality filled my heart and filled our home. Now there’s just emptiness and nothing will ever be the same wihout you. I miss you deeply and I promise to forever carry you close to my heart and to cherish the memories of our time together for the rest of my days. Thank you my most adorable and funny boy, for all the joy and happiness you brought to my life. In my eyes you were perfect. I hope that you knew. I would have given anything to make you well. I’m not able to say goodbye but only that I hope that somehow you are with your sister Miss George, who passed on in December, and all of the dog family that you grew up with, all who passed long ago. I’ll love you and miss you forever.

Love, mom