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Mynxe 2My precious Mynxe.   Words cannot express the loss or love I feel as I write this.  How can I express how much life has changed since you left us?  The hole left behind by your absence is overwhelming.  You no longer wake me up at 5am by jingling your collar to say ‘Hey mom!  It’s time for my breakfast!”  You no longer greet me with your throaty dog-purr or your enthusiastic roo after a long day at work.  You no longer “lie” to go outside for a potty break when all you really want to do was peek out the fence crack and to look for trespassing critters in the yard.  You no longer get the zoomies with Morgus, nor do the gentle rough and tumble with your “brother”.  Morgus and Budd D still look for you in all of your hidey-holes.

You came into my life at a time when I had lost everything.  You were so sick, abused, and fragile, but you turned out to be tough.  You healed physically as much as you could, but the mental scars remained.  Quirky was a good word to describe you.  I took a chance on you and loved you more than you could EVER know.  All I ever wanted for you was a good, happy life.  It was OK that you were not like other dogs.  You were my Mynxey girl and I would not have traded you for anything.  All of your silliness and issues made you who you were, and you were my girl.

I unexpectedly and suddenly found myself having to make the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching decision imaginable.  We did not have time to process or accept it.  You were not supposed to leave us, not now, and not like that.  The decision was made for you, my beautiful Mynxe, out of pure love, so you would not suffer.   You were still you the day you left this world, and I am grateful for that.mynxe-4

Everyone says I did the right thing, by not being selfish, though a part of me wanted to be, and I still think of all the “what-ifs”.   Your crossing over the Rainbow Bridge was so unexpected, but in my heart, I know it was the right thing to do and you are running with Graffitti now, happy and healthy.

Beautiful Mynxe, during your last moments here with us, you continued to show what a pure, loving soul a dog is.  YOU did your best to comfort ME when I was supposed to be comforting you.  I will never forget you licking my tears away and putting your face on mine as if to say “It’s OK momma.  I’m ready”.   I cried and begged you to forgive me.  You kept licking me and pressing your body close and I wanted to hold you forever.

Mynxe, I was honored and privileged to be your human.  I was lucky enough to be able to hold you as you left this Earth, kissing your thick, soft ears and that sweet red nose, all the while telling you how much I loved you.  You are loved and missed immensely.  Please be there for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes.   We love you Mynxe.

Mynxe~~Sunset 09/01/2016

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