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Project Description

memsweetie1 memsweetie2Tuesday morning, May 24, Sweetie unexpectedly completed her transition from life.  Although she had severe arthritis and orthopedic problems, she appeared to be healthy on Monday.  She was happy and had a good appetite. Late Monday night Sweetie had a seizure, and another, and another, on into the night and the following morning.  I took her to Dr. Dorner at Animal Care Clinic and he eased her through her transition. Sweetie lived up to her name.  Upon meeting her, people would say, “She’s such a sweetie, and I would say, “Sweetie is her name.”   Sweetie was an “easy” dog, obedient, quiet, and loving.  Best of all, she adored me. She hated water but loved walks.  The prospect of a car ride sent her into ecstasy.  She reveled in a roll in the grass on a Spring day.  Sweetie could be a picky eater.  Her favorite food was whatever I was eating. 

SEPTEMBER 25, 1999 – May 24, 2011

Sweetie was a dog of few barks, a measured bark or two when someone approached the house was enough to warn me, and whoever drew near.  She was a great companion. My only regret is that she couldn’t stay longer.