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Toby Too
toby tooMy beautiful baby boy, there are no words that can explain what you meant to me or express the sorrow and grief I am overwhelmed with because of your absence. You had a larger than life presence that has left an emptiness that will never be filled. My love for you is endless and will last an eternity. If my love could have healed you, you would have lived for ever. You were a feisty, vibrant, exuberant, happy, handsome boy and the smartest dog I will ever meet. You were the child I never had. A part of my heart is with you to stay, until time rolls around and brings me your way. RIP My Toby Too – November 17, 2000 to July 22, 2013.

Toby’s Box
Your box is on my nightstand
But I know that you’re not there
You’re curled up on the sofa
Or laying on the stairs
Outside you’re chasing birds and rabbits
or just staring at the squirrels
When I go to sleep at night
you’re in my bed as well
Your box is on my night stand
But I know that you’re not there
Because you’re in my heart
I can see you everywhere
~Tesha Davis (Toby’s Mom).