Mynxe My precious Mynxe.   Words cannot express the loss or love I feel as I write this.  How can I express how much life has changed since you left us?  The hole left behind by your absence is overwhelming.  You no longer wake me up at 5am by jingling your collar to say ‘Hey mom!  It’s time [...]

Toby Too


Toby Too My beautiful baby boy, there are no words that can explain what you meant to me or express the sorrow and grief I am overwhelmed with because of your absence. You had a larger than life presence that has left an emptiness that will never be filled. My love for you is [...]



Bea (aka “Reko Quantaya’s”) 3/8/00-7/21/13 Unfortunately, we didn’t have Bea long enough but were blessed for the short time that we did. Bea’s original owner decided to drop her off at a kill shelter in AL after having her for ten years. Advising they no longer wanted her, to put her down, she then came [...]



Mama Love 8-1-00 4-8-11 My heart breaks as I struggle to write this memorial to you, the pain being second only to the pain of losing you. It has not eased, but has only worsened as the shock starts to lift. My sorrow is great. You were my dearest friend and constant companion, with [...]