Eco Friendly Paw Pod Urn

//Eco Friendly Paw Pod Urn

Eco Friendly Paw Pod Urn


All Paw Pods are constructed of 100% Eco-Friendly materials and can be customized at home with paint or markers.

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Feels sturdy like plastic, but its not plastic! All Paw Pods are constructed of 100% Eco-Friendly materials such as Bamboo, Rice Husk, and Corn Starch. These urns are completely biodegradable. These urns are for pets under 90 pounds and measures 5.6″ long x 5.6″ wide x 6.3″ high.

Once introduced into the environment, the urn will degrade in 3-5 years. The Pods are aesthetically pleasing, very durable and fully biodegradable. Once home, these urns can be decorated with paint or markers (The decoration process can help children express themselves and participate in the service for your loved one).

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