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In Home Service

What if I would like home service?

If you would like the luxury and comfort of home service for your family or if your pet passes away at home we can be there for you.

If you are planning in advance, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian first to arrange the appointment – then contact our office.

Often your regular veterinarian will be able to help you with home service, but in the event your Doctor cannot or does not offer home service, there are a few veterinarians who specialize in home/mobile service – We are not affiliated with these veterinarians or clinics, but have developed friendship and respect through years of observing their kindness for pets and their families.  (Click here for a link to mobile veterinarian services)

Once you have an appointment with a doctor, just call our office and we can coordinate the appointment time.

Price Includes returning your pet’s ashes or remains to your home or office.

There is an additional charge ($100) for service after 4 pm on weekdays (After hour appointments should be scheduled in advance). We are closed on all major holidays, including Saturday – Tuesday of Mardi Gras and every Saturday and Sunday. Please understand that we do not provide after hour home service without an appointment.

We are close on these holidays: New Year’s Day, Saturday – Tuesday of Mardi Gras, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the day after Thanksgiving), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve. We do service the Westbank Pet Emergency Clinic after hours and on all holidays – We do not provide home service the day before – the day of or the day after a holiday unless arrangements are made 48 hours in advance due to the possibility of limited staffing.

In Home Service Pricing

00.00 – 20 pounds $175.oo + $50.00
20.01 – 40 pounds $190.00 + $50.00
40.01 – 60 pounds $215.00 + $80.00
60.01 – 80 pounds $230.00 + $80.00
80.01 – 100 pounds $245.00 + $80.00
100.01 -120 pounds $290.00 + $110.00
120.01 -140 pounds $315.00 + $110.00
140.01 -160 pounds $365.00 + $110.00
160.01 -180 pounds $375.00 + $110.00
180.01 – 200 pounds $415.00 + $110.00
200.01 – 250 pounds $440.00 + $110.00

Payment is required prior to services being rendered, unless other arrangements have been made. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash / money order – We no longer accept personal checks.

If you would like home service, please understand that

  • We will need access to your home; this means a place close by to park the vehicle, along with access to and from your yard (if your pet is in the backyard).
  • If you have a yard gate, please unlock it and make sure that there is a clear path free of plants, hoses, rakes, etc., so that we may service your pet with dignity and allow a safe pathway for us to walk.
  • If your pet is in your home, it is always better to have them on the first floor, close to the door that we will use to enter/exit the home.
  • We will need access to your loved one and walk around him/her to service them with dignity. If your pet is large, we will need to be able to manipulate a stretcher, 2′ wide x 4′ long in the area where your pet is resting.
  • Try to select a place that is in an open area near a door on the ground level of your residence.

Additional Tributes

Engraved Plate

For the Cherry Memory Box Urn. We will order a 2 x 3 inch brass plate with squared corners and your Pet’s name on it. Please allow extra time for the plate to arrive.


Handcrafted Clay Paw Print

We Can Make a Paw Print for you. This is handcrafted, not a kit.
This must be requested at the time the cremation arrangements are made.


Ink Paw Print or Nose Print

We can prepare a ink print from your pet’s paw or nose.  We groom the paw so a clear print can be obtained and create the print on a small piece of pretty paper.