Traveling with Fido

//Traveling with Fido

Traveling with Fido

traveling-with-fidoAre you going on vacation with your dog?

There are a number of things to plan for when you are traveling with Fido to ensure your pet’s health and safety. Whether your dog is a frequent flier or road warrior, these tips will help make your travels run smoothly.

Before you hit the road:

  • Basic Supplies: Remember to bring your dog bowls , dog food and water, leashes, chew toys, and maybe even some treats. Make sure that you choose food and treats that your dog’s system is used to or else your trip could become a little more difficult.
  • Medications/Vitamins: Don’t forget to bring your pets medications, heart worm medication, flea/tick medicine, and any other supplements that your dog may need while on vacation.
  • Health Records & Proof of Vaccinations: If you dog has a history of health concerns, bring a copy of the medical records. Also, some destinations may require proof of vaccinations like rabies shots or a certificate of health. Make sure your bring your rags and certificates from your veterinarian.
  • Lodgings: Make sure you know where you are going to stay throughout your travels. Some hotels will not accommodate pets. Before confirming a reservation, make sure to review restrictions such as size and type of pet.

While Your On the Road:

  • Pet Id: Makes sure that you keep your dog on a leash at all times with an updated pet ID tag on his/her color with your contact information. The contact information should have the cell phone number that you will have with you on your trip.
  • Seating: If you are planning on traveling by plane, make sure you have secure seating for your pet. Some airlines allow you to have your pet join you in the main cabin and others will require your pet to travel in a secure pet area on the plane. If you are traveling with your own vehicle, make sure that you have a pet carrier or a proper car seat to protect your pet while driving.
  • Potty Time: Try to schedule out a routine for your pet to be able to go to the bathroom. If you are traveling by car, find rest stops that have green space for you dog to stretch and use the potty. If you are traveling by plane, make sure you dog goes to the bathroom prior to takeoff. Sometimes a flight could be too long for your pet to make, consider bringing potty pads to prepare for an accident.

Traveling with a friend, especially a four-legged friend, can be a wonderful experience. With a little bit of prep, your travels will be exciting and fun with your furry companion.

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